I tried out suboxone treatment for 4 weeks and quit. Here's how easy it is. You go to a suboxone doctor, he gives you a drug test and acts like he cares. He feeds this line of BS about how suboxone is better for you than opiates and if your taking a subscription then your not addicted. your just following doctors orders. at the end, he ask you for 200-300 bucks cash! This all took an hour. Thats it! It is nothing but a legal dope dealer. The government should feel ashamed. These doctors should feel ashamed too. Oh yeh, when you leave him, you go to the pharmacy and pick up your script which is about 230 bucks for 30 8mgs. And you gotta pay the doc 200 a month just to see him. I had to pretty much yell at the friggin guy to tell him i didnt want any part of his treatment any more. They're blood thirsty money hungry vultures. I could understand maby taking it for like 3 days before you go into rehab to detox or something but i was sick as hell when i came off of that stuff. I just quit cold-turkey, went to rehab and gave my life to God and i now have 15 months of sobriety. Suboxone treatment is not worth it, yes it will make you feel good but your just trading drug for drug, thats all it is. Anyways, thats enough from me. Any comments? i know some people are gonna slander me over this but this is what i believe about suboxone treatment and its the truth!