Hello, My name is Howie and I need some help. Two years ago I went through an extremely difficult time in my life and began having trouble sleeping. I have my own business that does not function without me so not sleeping and being able to work was unacceptable. People depend on me for a job. A friend has a prescription for Xanax and he said they helped him sleep so I gave it a try. Worked like magic, or so I thought. I loved how they made me feel. No stress, no worries and I slept. He also had an Oxycontin script, and since the Xanax worked so well I figured why not try it. That began a year and a half spiral. I started doing Oxycontin and Xanax in the evenings after work everyday. After a few months I started getting really agitated and angry after being awake for a few hours and decided to do some research on Xanax and figured out that i was probably going through withdrawal on a daily basis because of the drugs short half-life. I did not do enough research. I decided to stop the Xanax cold turkey. Big mistake I thought I was having a heart attack. I couldn't breath and I think I had a seizure. I almost called an ambulance but I didn't and I feel I am very lucky to not have died. I made it through but continued my oxy use. After a year of Oxy use I finally came to my senses and decided I did not want to be on these pills anymore and I tapered myself off the oxy. I relapsed a couple months later because i believed I had control over the drug because the taper went so easily. I was wrong and for the next few months used the drug more than ever. Christmas made me take a look at myself and I decided I couldn't go home to visit in this state. Time to stop.
I was able to get my hands on (4) 8mg Suboxone. I researched throughly this time and came to the conclusion less is more with this drug and I should taper off quickly and try not to be on it for more than three weeks. Waited almost 36hrs until was extremely sick to take first sub dose.
Day 1: Half a sub, 4mg. Can't believe how well this stuff works, within 20 mins I felt better and within a hour or so I felt amazing! Like I did years ago before taking anything. Not high, but normal, I couldn't believe it.
Day 2: Decided, because less is more, to only take a quarter of the sub, 2mg. Worked well. decided to stay at 2mg a day for the next few days. Over the next couple weeks I tapered my self down to just a crumb a day. Now I started trying to extend the time between doses. Instead of every 24hrs I waited 36hrs. I did that for three doses and today I am at 42hrs without sub. I'm starting to freak out a little bit, I keep reading horror stories about trying to get off sub after being on it. I am right around the three week mark where a lot of people say its harder to get off. Did I taper too quickly? Should I try to jump off now or should I try to stay at 48hrs for a few doses? I have 12 doses (crumbs) left and about the same amount in powder form. (Too small to be crumbs) :) Help I don't know what to do from here or what to expect. I can not miss work. I feel very alone in this. No one knows what is happening with me and I've no one I can talk to about it. Also I read xanax can take the edge off and help with the withdrawls. (Thomas Recipie), but i need to know how long and often would be safe to take it I do not want to become addicted physically to it.