I started taking suboxone for my opiate addition that was caused by my back problems and eventual opiate abuse. I have been on suboxone for 3.5 weeks at 16mg a day now. I have been going to NA and AA meetings at a rate of 5 per week and want to get off suboxone as quickly as possible to get back to a normal life. My doctor WILL NOT even discuss a taper plan with me at this point and wants to keep me on for months. I imagine this is so he can continue to get paid. I want off now!

Can anyone help me with how I should do this quickly before my body gets any more dependent on this stuff? I was thinking of going down to 8mg a day for a few days, and then to 4mg a day for a few days and then 2mg a day for a few days and then maybe 2mg every other day. I just want off of this as quickly as possible and am willing to endure some withdrawals, but don't want to relapse or continue to be on it.

Any help is greatly appreciated and please don't give me the standard line of "follow the doctor's orders", as I believe that most docs are just in this business for the money (subox is all he does). Thanks!