Hi. I started suboxone therapy 3 weeks ago. The dr said it would take approximately 5 months to taper down. Well, I experimented with the last 7 day prescription I received and I have done my own taper. I am now down to 1 mg/every other day and have been at 1 mg/every other day for 6 days. In other words, I have taken 1/8th of a film every other day for 6 days. I feel fine, no withdrawal syptoms at all and I am wondering if I need to go back. Is 1mg too high to jump off of or does it vary person to person. Usually I have WD symptoms early on... i've been through it all, pain meds, methadone, cold turkey and anytime I am without I go into wd quickly.
Just a little background: I was diagnosed with herniated discs in my back in 2004. I was prescribed percocet right off the bat. I had hardly ever taken pain medicine in my life because it never did what I thought it should; make me sleepy when I was in pain. I always got energetic and wanted to conquer the world instead of resting like I was supposed to. Anyway, the percocet hit me hard. I took it responsibly for about 6 months. Only as needed. Well then I was promoted and needed the boost that the percocet gave me. So then I started taking it more and more. 2 years later, and I was completely addicted. Couldn't go a day without percocet. Well I got tired of the lifestyle and sought treatment. Right at the time I couldnt take the time necessary to go into rehab so I chose methadone treatment. I stayed on methadone for 4 years successfully. I never had a dirty UA, and I was very proud of myself. Well in August 2010 I went cold turkey from 95mg methadone. The reason isn't important, but suffice to say it wasn't by choice. I was without methadone or any opiate for 3 weeks. At the end of the 3rd week I felt like I wanted to or WAS GOING TO die. So I went to the dr and got a prescription for Vicodin. I still have terrible back problems and without the methadone my back was really bothering me. The dr told me the only choice I had was surgery because 2 of my discs had completely compromised the nerves. So I had surgery in December 2010. I decided after surgery I would taper the pain meds (Norco 10 at this time) Well, no luck. I tried to taper and was in WD in no time. So I got one last prescription and decided to try Suboxone when this one ran out. I went to the Sub dr and got my first prescription. I felt better instantly. I used it as directed the first week, 1/2 to 1 film twice a day. The second week I started out taking the amount he prescribed but in smaller doses. In other words, He prescribed 1/4 to 1/2 film twice a day. Well I took 1/8 film 4 times a day. Then I took 1/8 two times a day, then once a day, and now im down to every other day.
Am I naive to think I have tapered sufficiently or just lucked out or should I expect WD to set in anytime? I took the last 1/8 film today. The days in between taking the dose I have felt fine. So im really hoping ill be ok, but you guys are so knowledgeable and I know someone will have an answer for me... whether its what I want to hear or not! LOL
I was thinking about getting one more prescription just in case but it would be nice not to have to spend the $80 if I don't have to.
Thanks in advance!