everything was fine untill about 3 weeks ago when these strips entered my life.i took one it started with being irrateable as a hornet 4 a couple of days i work outside it was in the 90;s i sweated so much i was soakin wet just dripping i started cramping so bad when i got home that night my muscles were so soar allover my body i could hardly move because i cramp here or there it even was making my fingers hands draw up like i flickted or something like undermythumb and the outside of my hand them 2 chunks of meat was like so soar 4 2or 3 days i was scared to take it .i would get like a flush over me and my legs from knee to ankle would itch like crazy.it makes my left side hurt i no it is the strips because i have x-peremented with them and shure enuff it hurts everytime i take one.headaches;chills and in the evenings just out of the blue u will get high as a kite where u would never feel that way off of the tablets.now i just want off of them period!!i started cutting them in half .anyone no how fast and how much i can wing myself off of these strips please help!! because these things taste worse are causing me pain and discomfort and getting me high when i was taking them not to get high its like a mild form of meth or something i hate that felling and as far as im concerned its the biggest blunder sence the morphine/herion thing with bayer aspirin company