ok, so i've been reading a ton about this drug and other peoples experiences since I got put on it last friday 11/5/2010.

i've been abusing vicodin/norco (10/325) for the past year @ the 75-100mg/day level. I went to the sub doctor and they were really quick to put me on suboxone and i didn't do much reading on it until after I took the first pill.

My sub intake has been this;
Day 1 - 8mg
Day 2 - 6mg
Day 3- 4mg
Day 4 - 4mg

After the 4th day I decided to stop taking this drug after reading horror stories about it from other people's experience. I feel pretty good, way better than I did when I was going thru w/d from the vicodin/norco. I know the half life is like 72 hours so since the last sub (4mg) i took was Monday 11/8 @ 10:00 am I wanted to know what I should expect?

I can't imagine I made it out of this unscathed and I am through the worst? I have 0 desire to take any opiates and I have 0 desire to take any suboxone, it makes me feel so guilty and dirty. I work full time in an office environment and I just wanted to know what I'm in for. Is it possible that I used the sub's for a short enough time to get me thru the worst of the withdrawals? Did I jump off at too high of a level? Around the 72 hour mark from not taking any opiates/sub what should I expect? I don't want to take the suboxone I feel like my doctor doesn't even know much about this drug and they were just really quick to write me a script for this - that scares me because I don't want to become addicted to this. Since I only used suboxone for 96 hours and only consumed 22 mg total - what am i in for? I'm really scared. CAN ANYONE WITH A SIMILAR SITUATION CHIME IN AND LET ME KNOW IF THE WORST IS OVER OR AT THE 72 HOUR MARK IF I AM GOING TO HATE LIFE AGAIN???