Have finally decided to seek help with opiate addiction due to many escalating factors. I understand that the doctor can answer all my questions about Suboxone at my appointment, but right now I am very concerned about the following and want to hear your thoughts.

1. How long after my last dose of opiates will the Suboxone treatment begin?
2. Are Suboxone physicians able to prescribe antidepressants as well? Do I need to see another doctor to deal with any depression issues? I don't have much time off of work for many doctor visits.
3. Do most patients use antidepressants in conjunction with Suboxone?
4. Am I able to continue using Xanax for anxiety while on Suboxone? Are there any counterindications with this combination?
5. How long after my first dose of Suboxone will I notice a change?
6. Will I notice a change?
7. What is the recommended length of treatment on Suboxone?
8. Will I experience withdrawal from Suboxone, similar to that of opiate withdrawal?

Thank you in advance for your help. Wish me luck.