My Dr. started me on suboxone at the start of the month. My script was about empty, so i called for a refill. ( knowing i am suppose to taper off) The pharmacy said they can not refill, because the Dr. is not licensed to prescribe suboxone. I call my Dr. office today and the nurse said the Dr. is out for today. But he had a few numbers for licensed doctors to prescribe sub to me. The 1st number was for a Dr. who is out of town till next week. The other number was a wrong number. I am suppose to take 2mgs a day twice a day. I have 1 -2mg pill left. If i don't have answers by tomorrow i am screwed. Can my Dr. call another Dr. to call in script for me? If not will my withdrawals be bad? Can my Dr. be in big trouble/ as well as the pharmacy who gave me the script? Should i break my last pill into 1/4's? Any answers will be great