i just started sub a hour ago one 8mg film here is question i was on 70 to 80mg of pain pills a day vic perk ect you no the drill whatever i can get for 3 yrs now i found out about sub on here 2 weeks ago my problem is doc said 12 to 24 hrs before starting sub without pain meds my problem is i waited 20 hrs but i read on here i should have waited 24 hrs my other problem is the last pill i took was a methadone 10mg tablet but that was first methadone pill i have ever took i ran out of pills and that all i had now i am scared because i read i should of waited longer before starting sub and a methadone longer hell i didnt no but since the only methadone in my system should i be fine without sub w/d also i was giving 2 8 mg subs a day film i only took one tonight because i heard people have hard time sleeping on sub and should take earlier in day now tommorrow should i take both at once or take one in morning and one later in day thanks