Please let me start by saying 1.I am very computer illiterate 2.I have never belonged to a forum (only read posts) so I am not sure about the process. Please forgive me if I do something silly or put something in the wrong place.
I have read posts by Robert and Musicman and am inspired and hopeful that someone will be able to help me on my journey into sobriety. I am looking for information on how to taper off suboxone successfully and safely. I think I am supposed to give some background info at this point so here is my story: (sorry if its too long)
I have 8 herniated discs (6 in my c spine) and a disorder that caused my bones to grow at a faster rate than the rest of my body which has caused deformed joints and pain. 3 years ago I was prescribed 7.5 mg vicodin 3x/day for the pain. I have a LONG history of drug abuse (just about everything under the sun) but had never used opiates. Needless to say, I fell in love with opiates and the downward spiral began. At first I used 15mg vicodin/day, then I found a dealer who had 15mg endocets and switched to those, I wont bore you with the gradual increase in doses but after about 8 months I progressed to 40mg oxy's. For about the past year or two I was at 240-360mg oxy/day. (360 steady for past 8 months). Needless to say, I came to the realization that this was not how I want to live anymore. My dealer offered to get me methadone which I stupidly thought was the best way to get off the oxy's and I took it starting at 100mg and tapering down to 30mg in one month. I stumbled upon this site and found out that I had made a BIG mistake. I sought help and everyone told me the same thing - suboxone is not a good idea for getting off methadone so against the advice of everyone, I went back on the oxy for three weeks (long enough to get the nasty methadone out of my system) so that when I did get on suboxone I would not have precipitated withdrawal. I followed musicman/roberts advice for induction and wasnt able to find relief until 32 mg and that first day was really rough (during the whole 3 years of using I never ran out so have never been in full blown withdrawal) I know I'm a wuss. That was 20 days ago and I am down to 4mg once today. I am looking for advice on how to taper down form here so that I can get completely off. Like most people on suboxone, my doctor is not interested in me tapering at all (she didnt even induce in her office nor did she provide and instruction on how to take the suboxone). I just want to say thank you to everyone on here that has shared their experiences (especially musicman and robert). If it wasn't for you guys I have no idea what kind of shape I would be in today (no thanks to my doctor).
Any help/advice will be much appreciated.