I've been addicted to lortab for over a year now (I'm up to abt 80-90 10mg tabs a week.) I was prescribed lortab after a surgery and while I was on them I went through a divorce and they (well I thought they) helped through that stressful time. Now they are controlling my life and I want my life back! I have an appointment Monday (it's Saturday) to see a suboxone dr. I want to stop so bad and I was excited abt going Monday. I was told I have to go 24 hrs with no lortab prior to my appt. Now here I am, less than 20 hrs until I start my 24 hrs of no lortabs and the anxiety of what I'm going to feel like scares the crap out of me. I know it's only 24 hrs, but for an addict that can seem like eternity. I know things I can do to help the physical withdrawal symptoms but the psychological part is what's worrying me the most. I know I have to and want to do this more than anything. Sad part is I'm a registered nurse and I know better. Has anyone been through this? Does the suboxone really help with the psychological part? What are the first few days of starting suboxone treatment for lortab addiction REALLY like? Thanks for any advice!