i been on suboxone for bout 2 years after long history from methadone,oxys etc.been taking 1 a day for 2 years 1/4 tab. every few hrs. im on 8mg. sometimes my leavel drops and felt bad a couple days and though taking a lil more and got back level and everything ok then back to regular dose.everything going ok.well in july 12,2010 i had a stroke.memory problems, left side a numbess and when i get tired my speach sucks. my dosage has been the same but about a month ago it seem its not working . usually a 1/4 picks me up fine.i felt deathly sick for bout 3 days and couldnt figure it out so i increase my meds thinking thats what it is and i started feeling ok but it only lasted about 30 mins.im takingabout 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 and the jump aint making me feel like i use to.im kinda scare of whats going on,i wouldnt say im depressed ,i think about the stroke and if i could die anyday and the problems from it remind me each day.i lost my daughter in 2001 and was on anti depresses and im glad i got off them.when my levels on suboxone get right i feel fine dont it dont last.i stay at home doing nothing all the time but its because the way i feel.im certain it has to do with suboxone but ive increases quite a bit.i dont want to take to much but on boarder line of feeling better.help if youve had this problem