... from 65 mgs methadone to @ 35 over several months. I did a blind detox that averages out to 2 mgs per week, then one as i got lower. Friday at 6 am was my last dose of meth, Sat went by without much of a hitch but now into Sunday I am remembering why I ever used Heroin 7 years ago: W/D's feel awful. I have 1 sub (8 mgs) kicking around here and my script i will get at dr tomorrow morning. If I wait until Monday 8:30 am will I have waited long enough and avoid precipitated W/D?. I trust my Dr, hes not like the ding bats ive been reading about. He is the dr at my meth clinic and raves about subs and is switching people over successfully left and right. I guess without that meth cloud i am very anxious and scared to sit here feeling crappy, scared that it wont stop on monday