Hello. I have been taking suboxone for about a year now - a pretty low dose for the last 5 months or so (1-2mg). I have a long history of opiate abuse, and I find the suboxone controls all cravings and has very positively contributed to my continued abstinence from other opiates. I have never abused the suboxone in any way during the year I have taken it. My doctor, who seemed content to have me on a low dose for an indefinite period, was recently informed by the DEA that he is not authorized to prescribe suboxone on a 'maintenance' basis. I got all of 4 days notice to go off of it. I have made due by dramatically reducing my dosage and am now seeking someone who is willing to at least consider a low level maintenance dosage for someone who'se life has been dramatically affected (last 30 years) by opiate adiction. All of this is well documented medically. I live in NC and am having trouble locating a doctor/psychiatrist who is comfortable with such a 'maintenance' approach. I know it is somewhat uncommon, but it IS done in many cases for those whose lives have been riddled with opiate addiction over a long term basis, and for whom treatment and AA/NA have not proved to be 'enough'.

Does anyone have any suggestions - know any providers? who would be sypathetic to such an approach. As I mentioned my history is well documented medically and so this does not require a leap of faith by the practictioner, just a theoretical willingness to use suboxone in this way for a very few appropriate cases. I live in NC, but am willing to travel if necessary. This medication has been a life saver for me and my family and I would like to continue the stability it has brought to our lives.

Thank you in advance