A middle-aged male has been prescribed by a MD pain specialist, both Suboxone 2mg sublingual film 2-4 per day as maintenance and Lortab 7.5 mg tablets 1 every 4-6 hours for breakthrough pain. This patient has a sympathetic nerve disorder/syndrome which causes burning pain in his epigrastrium (he suffers 2-4 pain episodes per day). The patient says he takes a Suboxone when he wakes up to stave off the pain episodes that he refers to as "attacks." If and when he does have an attack, he takes another Suboxone which, he says, usually works well, at least for a while. He says he occasionally uses the Lortab when the 3 or 4 Suboxone he has taken "on bad days" are not "working," but he wonders if the Lortab is really helping or if the pain episodes are just finally waining. He has been on this regimen for several years.
He recently learned from an informationist online that it was not only senseless to take Lortab with Suboxone but also dangerous because of CNS depression.