Hey everyone, I just wanted to update (and thank you) for helping me. I stopped depakote and within 3 days felt back to normal. The hallucinations, depression and everything was the depakote. I still take suboxone. 2mg a day now. In two days ill probably end that and I will happily and proudly be off all meds! I am so happy now. My life finally feels back to normal. Pretty scary to think how a medicine can make you feel like committing suicide. I'm so blessed to have kiced my tramadol addiction. I strongly recommend suboxone . I definetly couldn't of done this without it. I never got addicted to it but then again I didn't take the dose the dr told me too. (4mg three times day) I started 4mg a day. 2mg in the morning and 2mg at night for 5 days. Then 2mg a day. Sboxone will not work though if you don't have the WILL and desire to stop using. Thank you all for being there for me and listening.what a great community we have here :)