I am new on this group and need some immediate advice about suboxone starting dosages. My 26 year old son relapsed on heroin last Tues April 20 after being in a 28 day treatment program, and also took some Fioricet before that, containing codeine and almost OD'ed. He was in terrible shape this week with panic attacks, sleeplessness, etc moderate physical withdrawl, no sweating or shakes, just out of his head crazy and needing a fix. I had kept an old suboxone prescription of his from a year ago at which time he had cold turkeyed off it in like a week (and suffered for months afterwards) and we started him on 16 mg a day (two 8 mg pills). He has felt great for two days now on the 16 mg. Now I am reading here from Robert 325 and others that this seems way too high given his lack of withdrawl symptoms. Can we backtrack at this point?? This morning I had him take 8 mg, thinking that he could take another 8 before 6 pm if symptoms set in again. Is this playing with fire- should we keep him on 16 mg now that he's been on it for 2 days, or try the 8 (or lower) since he was not in serious withdrawl and hadn't taken heroin for a week (he says) before the suboxone. If 16 worked so well, I am tempted to leave it alone but didn't know what to do.. I am afraid of messing up now by trying to backtrack and lower his doses so soon, but then maybe the 16 being only two days on it, had not fully become his maintenance level yet. We are seeking a new prescription but don't have that many pills left. Please help soon,
ptool in Maryland