I have had a slight problem with percocets over the past year due to a reoccuring dental issue. I am now 21 days clean from percocets. I am 5 days clean from saboxin (I took 1/2 to no more than1 per day since the 21 days off the percocets. I have felt horrible for the past 5 days. Physically sick! I am feeling a little better today, but, still sick. I have lost a lot of weight because I can't eat. It has been the worst feeling that I have ever experienced! I was finally able to get my saboxin, but I'm afraid to take it. Would you advise taking a small dosage of saboxin at this point? I desperately need to feel better! At the same time, I'm terrified at the thought of "starting over"! Help! What is the best way to come off of these drugs without feeling like I'm dying? If I take even a small dose of saboxin, is it the same as starting over? Am I going to experience all of the same symptoms from day 1 again? What would you advise?