After having our son at 22 the pain was so bad, I cried for what seemed an eternity. Once I had been basically beaten to death by BC/BS and doctors, I found Dr. Ric Montiel. Every other doctor I had seen prior, were throwing Lortabs at me to take. I won't lie either, I was glad of it and in so much pain I'd feel like I was dying. So, needless to say, I ate them all. As my tolerence level went up and my appt. came for Pain Management I just knew this doc would never believe my problem having been so young. The Dr. Put me on the table to look with a floroscope. Next thing I hear is the doc asking the nurse to get 3 other people to see what he seen... After that, there was no doubt of the level of pain. My problem is a very rare birth defect causing my lower spine to "infuse" together and just shred anything in the way of it doing so. Over these last 4 years, I know I can say, at any given moment, I may just break out crying. Injections of every kind medicine, of every kind. Since starting Suboxone I feel much better but tonight ran out and of course everything is closed new years day. FML!!! Can anyone tell me the difficulty of getting off the Suboxone?