I seeked sub. Treatment myself. At 32 the back pain started, after birth of my son. I had buldging discs that progressed into ruptured, deg. Disc disese,annular tear, so on, etc. Dr started me on pain meds which by 38 was up to 8 oxycodone 30mg per day, soma, clonapin, etc. My dr retired, lost my ins., lost my meds, N lost my mind. I literaly almost died from pain n withdrawls. I went to sub. To fix my problem, so i thought. Now im viewed as a drug addict period. I didnt ask for any of this. I had dental surgery and was treating as though "addicts" like me couldnt have anything for pain. Thats wrong, unfair, and simply judgemental. Each case is different. I wasnt looking for a high, just something to get thru this surgery! How do u fix this type, ,"marked for life". Issue??