... became addicted to vicoin at least in my head I thought I was when I believe it was more of a dependency anyway to make a long story short I went to a doctor crying like crazy because I was taking 6-8 vicodin a day and I was scared of what w/d would be so anyway he pescribed 12mg a day for the past 3months and I knew he said I would have to drop down to get off of them but NEVER hearing how horrible and addictive they can be so when I read up on them I FREAKED OUT again and said i've got to get off of these so 7 days ago i went from 12mg to 2mg and i've been shaking evey since and so so deppressed but making it and trying to get down now I know you have to taper but did i hurt myself by doing this i hate to go back up when i've made it this far. I just want off of this so bad I left 2 messages with this doctor telling him how upset I was about this and what i've been going thru and he has NEVER called me back all week!!! I just want my life back I should have never been put on that much or for this long!! I did make an appt with another doctor but I'm afraid I might get another bad doctor! can anyone PLEASE help me I just dont want to keep taking these longer and letting them get anymore into my system. PLEASE HELP!!! GOD BLESS