ok here's my story I was addicted to ir oxycodone 30mg for two years due to a car crash. It started with one a day after work for about 6 months then graduated to 2-4 pills daily and eventually massive amounts daily. My boss noticed the meds were causing me to nod out at work and what not and brought me in to talk. He ended up offering to pay to
put me threw suboxone treatment. So I go to the doctor $750 first visit then told me to do one 8
Mg of sub in the morning and 4mg in the evening. Of cpurse I still get cravings but I fight them as much as possible I've been on sub for five months now I've slipped up a couple times I'll admit but my thing is this doctor doesn't really spend time to answer my questions it's almost as if he just walks in writes the script ignores what I say and leave. I don't think my addiction lasted long enough for me to be on suboxone for this long. The suboxone makes me severely depressed and I told him so he wrote me a prescription for celexa I took it one day and felt horrible. My grandmother gave me a Valium to help ease the stress so I asked the doc for a script for one a day valium and he refused. I also asked him to change me to subutex because it'd be easier for me to afford and he refused. Can someone tell me is there a way I can taper down with the twenty or some I have now I can refill if need be but it just seems like my doctor is trying to milk me for everything i got