im not sure what to do... i feel like this is never going to end. i used to take pain pills everyday. i stopped taking them (clean for 2 years) and have been snorting suboxone for the past 2 yrs. I used to get sub on the street... ended up having to go to the dr. to get a prescription becasue my connection moved away & i experienced horrible w/d symptoms. I AM addicted to suboxone now. i usually take it in the afternoon. I start feeling w/d symptoms in the early afternoon like an hr. before i usually take it. Symptoms stop once i take the suboxone. I snort like 1/4 of an 8 mg tab daily. I've tried tapering off one time before and the w/d effects were HORRIBLE!!! i want to stop taking the medicine but do not want to experience those side effects at all! it's taken over my life!! Is there any hope??