... I decreased my dose from 2 8/2 mg o 1.5. My doctors office scheduled me for monthly soboxone checkup 5 days after my script runs out. I plan on suffering. In the last two weeks, I went from 1.5 to 1.25, and then went to 1.1/8, and got sick at work. I'm a social worker and this can't happen, scares me. My eyes were glazed over and bloodshot, anxiety peaked. Not good. I now have 4 strips (8/2mg) and 1/8 of one. This has to last me 5 days. Any ideas how I could do this? How bad do you think I'll get? The insomnia is the worst! I took OC sleep aide, and 3 lorazapam, and still could not sleep! That was last week when I tried to drop to 1 1/8. I'm very worried, its consumed my every thought. Today I took only one 8/2 strip. Ugh. This stuff saved my life when I needed it most, but I'm tired of being a slave to it. I have to find a good system to wean. Any tips would be INCREDIBLY appreciated. Good Luck to all! ;-)