.. Is there anyone who felt it wasn't that bad? I was on 16mg for FOUR years. I tapered down to 4mg on my own quite comfortably. The doc told me to taper down 2mg's every 3 days until at 2mg then stop. So I dropped to 3mgs on monday and it's been horrible. Thankfully I am not working right now or I wouldn't be able to function at work. Just really bad aches, sweats and anxiety. For the past two nights I have been worn down enough to take a .5mg crumb and it's helping. I was hoping to be free and clear and feeling well by August 28th! Think that can be done? I do have some comfort meds (30 pills of .1mg clonidine, 5 ambien, and about 20 1mg Ativan) plus the OTC stuff but I don't wanna even touch any of that until I am off completely. Any help is greatly appreciated