i had/have a terrible addiction to percocets for over a year. dr rx'd 10/325. anywhere from 20 a day snorted and swallowed down to 6-7 a day swallowed when i quit. last one wednesday morn i took the last 2 at 7am. i waited 24 hours. by wed night i was already feeling sick so i swallowed 1/2 a bottle of nyquil and fell asleep. thur morn i was at the 24 hour mark and good and sick, cramps, diarhea, chills, pain in my joints, etc. i took an 8 mg suboxone right then, and later on that day 8 hrs 4mg and another 4 mg that night. friday i repeated the same thing, saturday as well. today, sunday i took 4mg first thing and then 4mg 6 hrs later and i plan on 4 mg tonight. i noticed all last night and up till now, back n forth to the bathroom with diarhea, stomach cramps and a little nausea. i was wondering how long do i have to take these subs till the oxycodone is out my system and i can stop taking the subs. i only became addicted due to 2 bad accidents, back to back, one was a 2nd and 3rd degree burn where i almost had to have my left foot amputated. skin grafts did the trick, then a split femur that i never even had my leg casted. i had so many percs left over from the 1st accident i just strated taking them so i wouldnt have to miss work. couldnt afford to. eventually came the street corner purchases as doc cut me off 6 months into my usage. that was about when i started snorting em and just going off. i dont drink, i dont do drugs. this was something that got away from me. i seriously wanted off and the pain in my leg is tolerable and definately preferable to the withdrawal of the percs. THATS FOR SURE! i want to know can i stop taking the subs abruptly? after only taking them for a week. i do have enough to taper down more gradually over 2 weeks. is one week off the percs enough? will i feel any withdrawal from the very short sub use?
Thanx in advance everyone. and yes, i did get the subs off the street. the doctor wanted a long, cash only business of 8 weeks minimum. i say BS! i dont need maintainence, i dont need an addiction to something new, and i dont need the 3500 dollar price tag that comes with my 8 week plan, CASH ONLY PLEASE! i got me 20 8mg subs N8 with the cross on the reverse for 100. i had planned on it being the last penny i spend on anything other than a motrin for an occasional headache.