I am a long time back and radicular leg pain sufferer. I have never done any drugs without a prescription, nor have I ever done any illegal drugs. My only exposure to pain killers has been Percocet after surgeries. I am a lightweight and it made me very loopy. I have never taken any drugs for my back pain since I have two kids and I have to drive them around. Also, I am a computer programmer and I have to be 100% with it to get work done.

This week my PM doctor talked me into trying some pain medication, as I am not (yet) a surgery candidate, and the only alternative is drugs while waiting to see if my latest round of physical therapy will work. My diagnosis is bilateral L5-S1 Spondylolysis with a grade 1 Spondylolisthesis resulting in lumbar macroinstability.

He prescribed me Suboxone 2mg/0.5mg films. He said he has had great success with people with my condition using Suboxone who do not wish to take the heavy more addictive drugs. He stated he was starting me out with the weakest does since I claimed to be a light weight. In case it matters, I am 6'4" 200lbs, so I certainly don't look like a light weight, and I am also on Paxil 10mg 2x/day for anxiety.

On Wednesday at 4pm I took my first dose which was one film. Within a couple of hours I felt pretty wasted. More or less I felt like a drank a six pack of beer in short order. I was slurring my words just a bit, and a little tipsy on my feet. I woke up the next morning with the worst headache of my life. I thought my head was going to split in half. After 30 seconds on my feet I became nauseus and vomited. The headache and nausea continued for several hours. I forced down some toast and half a banana and promptly vomited that up.

By late afternoon my wife was getting worried. She called the doc's office and the nurse practitioner said it sounded like a mild overdose, and prescribed me Zofran 4mg for nausea, and Naprocet 500mg for headaches. The Zofran works well and I am able to keep food down, and the Naprocet works for about two hours, then the headaches come back. I am only supposed to take the Naprocet 2x per day unfortunately.

The nurse said she wants me to continue the Suboxone, except to cut the films into four or even eight pieces and take two of the tiny doses per day and see how it goes. I have still NOT taken and more doses since the very first one, since I don't ever want to feel this bad again in my life.

So I am struggling with the decision to give the medication another try since despite all of the horrible side effects, it did knock out my pain more or less completely. I have a follow up with the nurse in a week.

Any advice for someone like me would be greatly appreciated!