I recently started suboxone treatment for opioid dependence. They started me out on two 8mg strips a day. I have heard that is a lot from people. They also decided that my program will last a year. The doctor feels that in a year I am able to not only adapt to sobriety, but also change my life such as my habits and people i associate with. I asked her why so long and she said "the success rate of patients on suboxone for less than a year drops to nearly 30%. It is a joke to me how people stay on it for 4 weeks and say I'm CURED! This is not a miracle drug, you still need to do your part" I understood why she is keeping me on so long, so i accepted that. However, when i asked her about the dosing of why i seem to be on "a higher dose than others". She responded by saying, "16mg of suboxone per day is the standard dose for most programs such as this. It should only be taken only once per day to avoid sleeping complications. Thats why i prescribe this way" She even mentioned that she had one patient that was a heroin addict for almost 20 years. He only went though about a 20bag per day, but every day for 20 years. He was prescribed four 8mg tablets a day. aka 2am 2pm. his treatment is in year 4 right now and staying strong. So now after all this bable the main question I want to know is, why do so many people out there think 16mg per day is too much? i feel for me its perfect. thank you ahead of time for your responses.