... being RX'd pain medication for a back injury that caused significant pain. Before I knew it I was dependent on the medication to sleep each night and it just went from there. My life became turned upside down in many ways until I couldn't take it anymore and sought help.

I began taking Suboxone films in October 2010 and was successfully off the suboxone by July 2011. Not once during this time did I go back to pain medication even though it was available to me at times. Yes, some days were hard and it was tough for me to go to work all day but if I needed to come home and sleep, I did. I also attended therapy and used the support of others I met on here (thanks pattishan!) as needed. My doctor who prescribed the suboxone was not very knowledgeable of the medication and I was thankful to reach out to others who had experience taking the medication.

I stopped taking my daily dose of 2mgs (what I worked down to) and the withdrawal was minimal. I felt tired more then usual, some body aches and mild upset stomach but it was not bad at all.

Please know, you can get off opiates and get healthy! Take it day by day but know you can be free of the dependence and get your life back in control!!!