I am new here have read alot of posts. I was on pain meds since 2001, vic and duragesic patch, then morphine, then went to norco and oxy.I was taking 60mg of oxy3x a day. I broke my back in an accident. I needed the meds at the time. When it was time for me to stop the doctor gave me suboxone. I've been on that for about 7 months... been tapering it for about 5 months. I used a water dilution method I read about. I put an 8mg sub w/ 10ml of water and kept it in the fridge. I started my taper w/ that by drinking 8 ml of the solution (with a syringe for baby meds). I would decrease by 1 ml about every 2weeks or so.
I finally got down to taking .02 ml for about 2 weeks, and then I stopped the sub,and I started taking a couple vicodins a day for 3 days( PLEASE IF YOUR AN ADDICT DON"T DO IT LIKE THIS).It worked for me so far, I don't know if this is recommended or tried. I don't even know if it will work for me. I just needed to get off this crap.
Now what I need help with is bad stomach cramps and sweat/ chills... I have xanax for sleep, and phentrimetrazine for energy (weight losss med) during day.I don't want to take the vics or phentrimetrize every day, but it helps right now. I haven't taken anything today feel like sh*t!!!

Robert, you seem to know so much, what do you suggest? I think stomach cramps are from being so constipated from subs. Not sure though. Gonna go take hot bath right now. Thanks y'all... I did the prayer too!!! I definatly believe in that!!!