Hello everybody,
Thats right the natiman is doing ok, but I had some questions about Suboxone.
Question 1. From day 1 (and again here I am at day 7) I started out on 3, 8MG strips a day. But within 4 days I took it upon myself to cut to 2 strips a day. I feel fine. It is plenty enough to get me through, yes I still have thoughts of wanting my Oxy's but they are us thoughts. I guess it is like missing an old car? I drove it everyday therefor I miss it.
Is it ok for a person to cut the dose as long as they feel they don't need more?
2. I have some really really bad mood swings (depression, crying, very worried about everything) since I've started on suboxone.
It is weird for my wife to see an 6'4 270 pound husband walking around one second I'm fine, next I crying like a little baby.
3. I have the worst head aches on Suboxone? (Just about everyday)
Has anyone went through this?