my husband and I are both trying to kick H, well its baltimore scramble so its not raw..anyways he is lucky enough to be in rehab, I am going to have to beat this on my own. the last couple days I have been weaning down. I have almost 7 subs and 4 clonodine, does anyone have suggestions on the best way to try to detox myself. unfortunately I am going to have to try to make it to work this week. I know about the cows worksheet, its just so hard waiting to feel so awful, i am scared that it wont make me feel any better, does the sub take away most of the pain of w/ds? If i go to the ER would they prescribe me anything to help? like more clonodine or something to help me sleep or help with the chills? thank you for your answers and any words of encouragement, I am so sick of this stuff ruining my life, i just hope I can do this on my own, I dont really have any other options