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Suboxone - Can I take kolonapin with the suboxen?

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Inactive 1 Dec 2011

Dear lil tink, welcome to the site. You really aren't supposed to. I am sure someone will chime in and tell you it is ok, they have done it, but you need to ask your suboxone dr. Most will rx clonidine instead for anxiety. If you do NOT clear this with your suboxone dr, and he drug tests you, he can kick you out of the program. All meds have to be cleared by your subs drs in order to stay in the program. Both medications can slo the breathing somewhat and taking them as a combo can increase this chance. The same goes for alcohol, it is not suggested for subs patients for several reasons, one of which is switching addictions. Just keep that in mind. Ptti

Inactive 1 Dec 2011

I guess ill b the one to chime in sorry patty lol I take subs and klonopin but it is not reccommended to do so I only take 1mg of klonopin a day and never anymore than that I take it for anxiety and sleeping problems but everybody is different and I am not a dr so I wouldn't tell anyone it is ok to do so you need todi what your dr tells you to do and if he says no benzos than I would have to say no benzos but if he tells you its ok to take subs and klonopin than I would but only take what it says to take per day otherwise you could overdose I know many people who have and its always been because they take more than they are supposed to good luck and please do as your doc says free discount card

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