Im 24 and have been addicted like most of you to opiates since I was 19. This is my first time posting. I feel very trapped and Have a nasty nasty axciety disorder. About a panic attack once a week and sevear anxitiy. I told my mom that i needed help with this and she didnt really react the way I thought. She told me I had a week to clean up or Im out. I am trying really hard right now to go back to school and moving in with my girlfriend sometime when we get the money. I was on a heavy 18 bag a day habbit and am now trying to tapper to suboxone and than quit. This is day 2 of being on subs. I took 12 mg's yesterday and still had withdrawls. Today I took about the same amount. How can I wean down. I really want to but im soo scared of the W/D's. Should I try and stay on the subs for longer? Please let me know,