Hey guys, I went to see my sub doc today for my 1 month check up. It went well although I couldnt tell him that Im taking much less than he thinks. I told him that I would like to come down in milligram and he agreed. He is happy with my progress and thinks I sound confident about getting and staying clean. He wants me to come down to 12 mg a day so he gave me another script for the 8 mg... UGGH!! I wanted the darn 2 mg. Such problems I know... lol. I told him about my depression... he talked to me a while which I appreciated and wanted to know if I was going to AA meetings and sharing about how I feel... I said I was but not as many as I did the first 2 weeks... he asked how often and if I ever felt suicidal etc... I said that I dont feel depressed every day and the truth is I knew this was not going to be easy, as far as me ever feeling suicidal... absolutely not. He said he wants to hold off on adjusting my anti depressant for now and for me to go to more AA meetings. If Im still feeling unhappy next month when I see him then he will make a change. I felt comfortable with that idea and agreed. He then mentioned the injection Vivitrol and said he thinks I will be a good candidate for it but that he is not done learning/researching more about it. Any thoughts? Did anyone get these injections or know someone who did? Does anyone know anything about this medicine?
Well, I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how my doctors appt went. It was a good day today... life is good. Looking forward to hearing from my network of friends... Hugs Amber