I just started taking suboxone to come off of oxycodone. I took my first dose of 8 mg about 36 hours ago. I haven't taken any since then. I feel terrible about this but I had a little slip up becuz I was feeling real crappy because of something..I did like less than 15 mg oxy, which is nothing for me, but I did feel its effects. The subs did NOT block it, ok... now I have no intention of doiong more oxy and want to contoinue taking the subs..please can somebody tell me if taking that little bit of oxy would have reset my withdrawal, like will it be significantly prolonged now? And also, how long after this oxy is it safe for me to take suboxone again??? Remember, I only have taken one dose of 8 mg of suboxone so far and that was 36 hours ago, and I believe when I did the oxy it was still somewhat in effect. Plz someone let me know if u have any ideas, thanks lots..