So yesterday was my 2 week follow up for the suboxone treatment. All seems to be going as well as to be expected. I have had 3 strong craving days but i made it through. I dont have the swelling of my feet and legs anymore thanks to water pills. My only real complaint at this point is the extreme tiredness. I have been falling asleep at random times... even while driving. My dr. asked if i had this problem before the pills and i dont know. I have took them for so long that I dont hardly remember myself. Strange huh? My dr. says for some reason i am hyper sensitive to this medicine. I have experienced alot of side effects, vomiting, headache, fatigue and swelling, BUT I am off the hydros!!! Anyway she gave me a script for Provigil. I took it today for the first time and so far it has worked. I just hope to go to sleep soon. Is anyone else on this combo?