ok when i went in to get my suboxone he told me it would be deadly to mix suboxone and benzos of course i told him i would quit but i have seizures so i have to take them..so anyway ive been on the benzos for over 8 months of course i didnt stop. but my dr says he will occasionally drug test me so it takes about a week to get benzos out of your system.what will help with the withdrawl i have been takeing 3 a day for 8 months..the onlly reason i wont tell him that im on them is i dont want him to call my other dr and tell him im an addict..then he might pull my ativan does anyone have any suggestions for me about the withdrawl. i meen i know i can handle it i went off methadone cold turkey now it was hell but i made.somebody let me know what to exspect