... took methadone for 31 years, doses 120 mg -23 mg in feb. Went on to Suboxene and they wanted me on 8- 16 mg ended up taking 2 mg , that was 7 weeks ago. Life has been hell, maybe too bigger drop but the withdrawals from mdone were not that bad it has been the Sub that has driven me crazy I think. I have really bad sleep 2-4 hours in 8 weeks. Ringing in my ears, chest pain, bad headaches and sinus. Day 8 from a 1/4 of a 2mg tab and still same feelings. Its exhausting, I manage a 50 hour week in my business and life is good. But does anyone know is it just the waiting game, will it pass and how long. God knows I took Mdone for long enough but this stuff just didnt agree, so it was good in a way as I just want it all to be over. Love to hear if anyone knows off this sort of thing