i am currently on state probation and used to press my luck with alot of drug use knowing i can be dropped in on at any time by my parole officer or called in, so can anyone give a solid yes-no answer about if they test for sub at a parole office because that is all i use now because i was told they will not show up because it isn't a narcotic, also i only use a tiny piece a day just for the energy for work and i mean like one tiny little line a day does that matter, i have done one little line a day for bout 2 weeks now. They used to do a test where they put a bunch of sticks (7-8) in the urine cup, but last time i was tested they used what looked like a standard test cup with the chart on the side. I am prescribed xanax also will this help mask the sub at all? I am thinking no because its a benzo right?? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated so i can quit stressing all the time. THANKS GUYS