hi every1... newby here..i've been on 100mg fentanyl along with morphine and i still am in pain... i didn't realize that it actually WAS working for me until i told doc i wanted to get off the fentanyl try somehing else BIG mistake... he put me on exalgo i guess is hydromorphone slow release up to 64 mg a day... HEckfire i cant take all that all i do i sleep all day..i have no life im in so much pain... i dont hear anyone here saying they use suboxene for pain management and it working for them ... i think my pm just wants to get rid of me being in fla now days they are coming down on every1 and im stuck in the middle literally not leaving my home except to go to doctor appointments... now since 2008... maybe a friends for a few hours..that it doc was fine with me until after the 5th shot in back that did NOTHING..and he want to put some gizmo inside of me and i wont do it... he not interested .."No money in perscription writing"ok i try go walmart once n while on scooter, but cant stay long i occassionally go out to eat maybe once a month if even... this has got me sooooo down i cant take it... im 54 and thought i still had some living to do!!! btw..i just moved to ft myers and if anyone knows of a good pm or gp in this area ccoral as well..i'd be greatful i guess what im asking is... if anyone that uses it for pain management can tell me how well it works for them and if it was for chronic pain..what they were taking before and how much so i can get a general ideal from med to med..make sense? if not ... understood lol... even the pamphlet that comes with this medication says DO NOT USE FOR PAIN..right from suboxene themselves..doc gave me the script im suppose to be starting next month ..and i really dont know what to do..i turned it down once already... so what is a person to do ... so confused please n ty DOES IT WORK FOR CHRONIC PAIN OR NOT?? ok 1 more thing... im not afraid to try it but i want a option to back out and withdrawals? worth it? i du no