After being on suboxene therapy for one year (12 mg daily) last Rx tapered to 2 mg then less and less til finished. With in 10 days my body and mind went into worse withdrawal than any prevous ones experienced. Chills, sweats, nausea, headache, moodswings, anxiety, diarrhea , and a depression and despair never felt before. I find it useless to return to the dr and plead my misery, for what? More suboxene ? Would somebody please tell me I have not ruined my mind and body forever? I followed the rules, this seems so horribly unfair, what in Gods name is in that medicine that ruined my "receptors " my digestive system, my internal thermostat, and has rendered me an invalid? I am not curling up to die, except this medication has done something more evil to my body than my misuse of opiates ever did. I know this won't be easy to get over, however I need someone to help me have faith that it will stop, otherwise my mind is comming up with options that will be a one way ticket to the gutter and grave. Please anyone, give me some advice, give me some hope, tell me it will stop. Thank you all for this chance to grab a lifeline.