I need some advice. I posted a question or two last night about this but perhaps did it wrong as i don't see where it was posted. Anywas, I will make this as short as possible. I abused trammies 500-600 mg per day for almost seven years. Detoxed at a clinic for 4 days and got out there bc it was like jail and terrible for my mental health. I got out and went to visit my mom. She gave me methadone 10 mg 'just in case' (she's crazy-I'm crazier for listening/taking them) anyways, I took them for about 3 months. Ran out two days ago. I refilled an old Rx for tram to take so I don't go nutso with withdrawals while waiting on my subox dr appt. that is scheduled for aug 5th. Guys, what do I do? should I just try to detox from the tram alone? I MIGHT be able to do that, but I am obviously very weak when it comes to relapsing. Will subox help with me cravings/relapse? any advice is so greatly appreciated. I haven't told anybody about this; the methadone, new trams, subox appt etc. they assume I have been clean since i went to rehap in april. Sigh. help?