This seems like a violation of my patient confidentiality when I’m required to have someone else responsible for my medicine! Does this seem wrong to anyone else or am I overreacting?

I started the Sub program in December, 2010. On the quick phone consult before beginning treatment the next day, the Dr. told me I needed to have someone bring me to my first appt, standard and expected procedure. I wasn't expecting to be able to start so quickly.

My wife was out of town so I asked my neighbor to take me to the Dr. but I didn’t tell him exactly what the appt was for. My neighbor knew nothing of my opiate abuse, as did few others. I have no family local to ask and I didn’t think it would be a big deal since my neighbor wouldn’t find out and it would just be one time.

WRONG! When I was almost done with the appt, the Dr. asked me where the person was that was driving me home. The Dr. asked me where my ride home was at, I told him my neighbor was waiting in his car, and he then asked, and I answered, what kind of car he drives (being a small parking lot, my neighbor would be easy to spot). My Dr. said he’d be right back and left the room. I thought he was double-checking but he came back with my neighbor!!

I was humiliated when the Dr. told my neighbor he would be responsible for giving me my medicine daily AND that my neighbor needed to call with a report on my progress that night, and then again at 9am the following morning to see if my neighbor needed to increase my dosage like I’m a child! Come to find out, all patients have to do the same thing. My neighbor now knows I was an opiate addict and I sure didn’t authorize it, nor was I asked if it was ok.

If I want someone else other than my neighbor to give my Sub dose, I have to bring that person in for a meeting to verify they will be responsible for giving me my dosage. Also, I found out from my Dr. yesterday that my neighbor needs to come to my next appt to verify things are going well and that he personally is still giving me the prescribed amt of Sub, every day. I’m afraid to say anything because my Dr. said if I wasn’t compliant with the rules, or if I didn’t follow Dr’s orders, he would “remove me from the program.” I’ve looked for info online regarding this but cant find anything. My wife would gladly go but I don’t see where I should be required to have to tell anyone that I’m in treatment! I talked to a fellow patient yesterday who is still required to have another person give her the Sub daily and she’s been in the program for 14 months.

Doesn’t patient confidentiality count for drug addicts, too? I don’t even want to go back but will it look bad to my next Dr. if I quit this one? After all, what Dr. going to take the word of an addict vs a fellow Dr? I do not want to go back to my current Dr. but I don’t know my rights. Could someone please offer their advice? I don't want to just quit because I'm doing really good.

Thank you!