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Student is 15yrs old how many does of polio vaccine does he need to meet the requirements for NYS?

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suzanne66 19 Sep 2010

Children should receive four doses of the IPV (inactivated polio vaccine) ; one dose each at each of the following ages:
2 months (no earlier than 6 weeks)
4 months
6 - 18 months
4 - 6 years
Children who have received three doses of the IPV before age 4 should receive a fourth dose before or at the time they first start school. The fourth dose is not needed if the third dose is given after age 4.
The first and second doses of the IPV are necessary to help the immune system protect against polio. The third and fourth doses provide further protection.
Adults are not given a booster polio shot unless they are likely to be in places where the disease is known to occur.
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