My doctors office is currently closed until Monday but I am having pretty serious issues with my Vyvanse. I will TRY to keep it short from here forward to save time:
I have taken Wellbutrin for about 8 years and lexapro for 10 until recently switching to Zoloft. My doctor and I believe that I grew a tolerance to the lexapro over time and that I got a "bad batch" of Wellbutrin recently because I reached a point where I had no medication in my system at all. It was awful. Fast forward to Zoloft and a different manufacturer (Global to Par) of Welbutrin and I was much better but still envious of the way I remember feeling years ago after getting sober and allowing my meds to work (about 4 years into the Welbutrin and 6 into lexapro). I had been telling him for years that I struggle to read and have since high school after keeping a 3.8 or better g.p.a. from 1st through 8th grade. My 4 year technical apprenticeship was the height of my struggles to focus and read. I have still struggled since getting sober but did not put it at the top of my list of troubles until recently when I embarrassed myself in front of a meeting with co-workers/ bosses. I continually lost track of our meeting (like always) but this time it was noticed by all.
My doctor had me take a bunch of online tests and then prescribed my Vyvanse 20mg for a week then 40mg for another until our next visit. From day 1 I loved it. It was a touch euphoric and my emotions felt slightly unstable but for the first time in as long as I can remember I could focus! It was awesome. I could actually sit down and read, stay focused on tasks, and was finishing everything I started. I expected the side effects to smooth out. By day 5 I was coping well but around 1pm I felt terribly dizzy and just out of it. Mind you I drink about 400mg of caffeine a day but had only drank maybe 200 that morning. It passed in a few hours and the next day I started the 40mg dose. Bam, focus was even better, I thought this was the new me and from here forward I would be as sharp as I once felt long ago. By the end of the day it sort of faded but there was no "crash". Day 2 was much the same. Day 3 I began to feel a very tight chest in the evening that lasted until I fell asleep. I woke on day 4 feeling fine at 4am so I took 40mg and by 6am my chest tightened right back up. That last 1-2 hours and I was a mess to the point that I had to leave work to go home. That was yesterday, today I took only 20 mg and feel irritable/ sad/ happy/ completely unfocused and generally awful at all different points of the day. Luckily my 4 month old son slept long enough for me to write this after making it very difficult for me to read questions/ answers in the Vyvanse support group this morning. Do you guys think I should try taking 40mg until I see my doc on Monday? Do you think I should try a different med like Adderall? I am mentally healthy and am in no harm over here I just feel like crap. Thanks for your help, any advice is good advice