My thyroid was removed about 7 years ago and I have been on Synthroid 1.37 mcg for most of that time. Recently I relocated and have a new doctor. She has been lowing my Synthroid dosage for the last 6 months. She lowered my dosage to 1.25mcg over the past 3 months and my lab results are now 0 TSH. She just called and wants to lower my dosage again.

Since my dosage has been lowered I am having much more difficulty in losing weight, more tired with less energy. The dry skin is back even though I live in a very humid climate.

I didn't have these issues when on 1.37 mcg, so how can lowering the dose be helpful? Shouldn't it be increased back to the 1.37 mcg?

Will lowering the dosage of Synthroid raise the TSH and reduce the symptoms? I really don't want to have to fight for months to get pounds off again and I would really like to eat more than 900-1000 calories in a day!