I have been through a lot with my HS plus others medical issues. I was diagnosed with glycon storage desies. My liver produced acid which cause both of my kidneys to shrink to the size of a pea. I had to go on dyalisis for years. my life illnesses started very early in my life. Possible at a teenager, now I am 42. After many years of waiting for a kidney transplant, around when the sars was going on. I finally got a kidney transplant. I was happy for a while, then I stared to get bumbs under my arm Pitt and in my groin area.I was so horrified after many diagnose, I founded out I have HS. I was sent from Dr. Surgeons, dermatologist and so on. After been on many pills, plus diagnoses, I did the hyibro oxygen chamber. After many times of going to treatment, it finally closed up. But my groin area didn't. I did two reconstructive surgeries, but due to my low immune system, due to the pills I have to be on because of my kidney transplant, both times, the reconstructive and skin grafting didn't take. I was depressed and had a major breakdown, where I try to killed myself twice. I was in the hospitals in the syc ward and now I'm in a day group therapy program. . I got the go ahead from my drs to go on the list for humira. I am still battling. I am not sure if the day program program is right for me, because I am at a lost.