Hi. I was diagnosed with panic/anixerty disorder back in 1997, but since the past year (2011) 15 yrs later, (when I was first diagnosed it was more panic attacks than the anxiety.) Up to recently I have developed severe anxiety. To where I was not able to leave the house, even more get motivated for instance like take a shower. It gets that bad. It would take all day long to get the urge to get up and do it or there are days to where I would tell myself "I'll it tomorrow." The tomorrow never comes. This is truly disabling! I swear I have never been like this before!

The anxiety disorder isn't the only medical condition I have, I suffer from fibromyalgia, scatica, migraines, bipolar disorder, and depression. I have mentioned this issue to my psychiatrist she adjusted my meds. I'm on Ativan, Lamitcal, and Risperdal all for the anxiety and as well as depression and bipolar disorder.

I don't know what else I can do? I started to see a psychologist and I'm having a hard time with this, any suggestion.