... arisen as an additional issue and now almost eclipses the depression. It seems like I have been on every category of anti-depressant (except for MAOIs- I can't give up cheese!). About 6 months ago, I was prescribed a mood stabilizer (Lamictal, now 300mg) and have had a modicum of success, but nothing substantial. My previous Psychiatrist is no long working so I had to find a new one. My newest one has added Temazepam and Adderall to my therapy; which seems to have helped as much as the first time I was placed on Wellbutrin and Effexor (those are no longer effective for me). I no longer feel like I'm constantly agitated and fidgity; and for the first time, the act of getting off my couch and doing anything at all (even small things) doesn't seem so overwhelming I cry. I actually want to see my friends and interact with people. Now I'm wondering if the depression/anxiety is an undiagnosed ADD or if they were concomitant and the ADD had just never been noticed through my other issues? Or maybe it's just that my depression has been so treatment resistant that it's necessary to think outside the box for treatment options. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?